What is EREnews

EREnews is an information and updating newsletter that, with one eye on Europe and another on the whole world, aims at analysing from an educational, scientific and social point of view the impact and the relevance of Religious Studies in the academic and scholastic field.
EREnews is also a space for dialogue and confrontation: we like to imagine it as a “piazza” (a real agora) in which discussion and debate on the role that religions still play in education and in the public dimension become central.
EREnews, almost like a real observatory, aims to provide an up-to-date look at the themes and the main research paths on which the European study centres dedicated to Religious Studies are working.
EREnews intends to reach a readership interested in the study of religions and the religious fact at any historical and geographical latitude and, in particular, it intends to address the world of educational operators, students and scholars of the countless fields of research connected to the phenomenon of religions and the sacred.
The focus of analysis and research of EREnews is the field of training and teaching related to the religious fact and religions (universities, schools and educational agencies).